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Tuesday 22 November 2011

Words fail me on the coastguard cuts!

Shipping minister Mike Penning has confirmed today that coastguard co-ordination centres will be closed at Clyde and Forth; Swansea; Portland in Dorset; Liverpool; Great Yarmouth; Brixham in Devon; and Walton on the Naze in Essex; with a total loss of 159 jobs.

Did this man and his government listen to a word that was said in consultation?
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He told our MPs there would be ‘round-the-clock’ co-ordination centres at Shetland; Aberdeen; Stornoway; Milford Haven and Holyhead in Wales; Bangor in Northern Ireland; and at both the Humber and Falmouth in England. I think there is to be another one somewhere in Hampshire as well.

Will these still be around.....I am assuming so
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Mr Penning said:
"I understand, of course, that the closure of some existing co-ordination centres and the loss of some coastguard jobs will come as a disappointment to those directly affected. However, the decisions I have announced today will deliver the modernised, nationally networked, fully resilient coastguard service we require for the future while reducing costs."

Brixham coordinates rescues from Fowey to Exmouth including my home waters of Plymouth. I do hope they will be able to hear me on my handheld 5Watt radio down in Falmouth should I ever have the misfortune to fall over board or capsize! And I sincerely hope, what I openly acknowledge, are the outstanding coastguards at Falmouth, will have instant access to the detailed local knowledge that will help find me washed up in one of the tiny coves around my local coastline!

HM Coastguard R.I.P?

Completely and utterly daft idea....plain stupid. Enough said on the matter. Words fail me!

Well not quite. Last year the Brixham station dealt with 1,300 incidents and co-ordinated the rescue of 300 people. To all the Brixham coastguards, I know you are not yet quite gone but I want to say thank you for all you have done for us and watching out over me on my adventures in Arwen. I know your colleagues in Falmouth will do the same.....only it doesn’t quite feel the same to me or to anyone else who have been looked after by HM Coastguard Brixham.

Now it's 'nuff said'!


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