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Sunday, 6 November 2011

a funny old world

Joel has posted about his anchor pulley system as well on the same weekend. You can ready about it hear - if you remember I did say in a previous post how much I liked his method. The one draw back, or not, I don't really know, is this business of whether the wind and tide would be coming across at right angles to the boat in which case, as a good friend pointed out at dinner last night, it would place an awful amount of strain on the boat and perhaps the painter method which my friend told me might be a better solution?
I guess it depends where you anchor and what kind of conditions you experience at the time. Read about Joel's ideas at

He explains it far better than I do!



Joel Bergen said...

Hi Steve,
Under those conditions (strong cross winds and/or currents) your "painter" system would be ideal and is an excellent idea. I think tying both ends of the anchor line to a bow cleat would work the same way. I'll have to try that next time. Last time I clothline-anchored at Camma beach the wind and current were running along the beach. I ran my anchor line at about a 45 deg angle to the beach, left it a bit slack and left the mizzen up. You can see how the boat laid parallel the the beach in the video.

steve said...

actually that's a really good observation/point Joel. I'm new to this with little experience of these things. i like the way you've done it. I'll try all the different methods and see which I like; and which works best on the beaches I tend to land on.......when the better weather arrives of course!
Thanks for the comment. Good to hear from you and hope you and family are well