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Steve and Arwen

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Cruising the River Lynher: The movie

First the public had the taster..............the 'movie trailer'......................the 2 minute 'taster' of the mega-blockbuster to come..................

And then came this..............'The movie'......................the much anticipated Mega-blockbuster!!!!!!!!!



Joel Bergen said...

I give it two thumbs up!

Rik said...

Congratulations Steve. That is a lovely short movie. I love the campfire shot with Arwen in the background... Great work.

Anders said...

Excellent Steve! Looks like a lovely cruise. Keep them coming.


steve said...

Thanks guys
Practice makes perfect I guess. Beginning to get the hang of the story
Just need to work on editing and story boarding skills

Steve said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the film Steve. Thanks for sharing it.

steve said...

Thanks bill
Enjoying your bog too thank you

Unknown said...

Steve, That was a great way to spend 12 mins. I sail my Houdini on the Exe and took it for a holiday on the Helford River two weeks ago. Your video brought back all those holiday memories of sailing along wooded river valleys until the sunset. I think I will have to take the boat on another away day to Redshank Point now!

steve said...

Hey Jason. It is definitely worth a cruise.
The Helford is on my list of places to cruise ASAP. Glad you enjoyed the films and memories


Joel Bergen said...

Hey Steve,
Your mainsail looks like it's setting perfectly. What did you do?

steve said...

Hi Joel
Followed your advice my friend
A. Raised the sprit boom position on the mast
B. pulled the mainsail luff closer to the mast at the base
C. More tension on the down haul
D. Changed way I raise sail. I now leave it partly raised on the topping lift, hoist the sail so that the top yard goes completely up to the masthead pulley box, then release topping lift and tension with down haul

Seems to work better?

Joel Bergen said...

It's looking great now. I can't even see any wrinkles. I bet the performance of the boat has noticeably improved as well. I'm off to watch your vid a few more times! Well done.

Bursledon Blogger said...

Great film Steve and a great trip Max

steve said...

Joel, max, sorry about late replies, Internet access erratic here so bit hit and miss. Will be in touch

Anonymous said...

Nice one Steve - very evocative.......

steve said...

Thanks Alan. Glad you enjoyed it