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Steve and Arwen

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Doodling s

I am a doodler........if there is such a word.......a visual learner whose notebooks and records of meetings and lesson plans are full of meaningless doodles. I've been doodling on the iPad again. Plainly no artist whatsoever, it's nice to while away a few minutes. Boats I've seen. If nothing else tying to capture one recognisable element does make me look at them more closely and that gives me a better appreciation of form and elegance.

I just wish I could develop some artistic and photographic skills. Maybe these will be my retirement pursuits!


photocurio said...

Artist? Who cares about being and artist? Your drawings are lovely! I like to draw boats myself. They are not as nice as yours, but they do please me anyway.

What app do you use, btw?

steve said...

You are top of my forthcoming Christmas card list. What a kind thing to say. Thank you!
The programme I use is called 'paper'. It's a downloadable app. You can buy extension components for it as well.