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Saturday 28 March 2020

Useful websites for helping you service your four stroke small outboard engine

Below are some useful videos and websites I have found about servicing our small four stroke outboard engine.

It is my intention to do the following on my outboard - for the very first time I might add - so I will be approaching this with some trepidation - and fear of what the Missus will say if I cock it up! This isn't necessarily the order I will do things in by the way:
  • change the engine oil
  • change the gearbox oil
  • check and if necessary replace the impeller
  • check and if necessary replace the spark plug, little squirt of oil into engine cylinder block
  • dismantle, clean and reassemble the carburettor (yikes, a tad ambitious I'm feeling)
  • check fuel hoses
  • grease all moving pieces - tilt bolt, transom screw lock threads, engine swivel points, gear shift handle parts, 
  • exterior clean
  • remove prop, check prop (cracks, chips, distortion)  and shear pin and replace if necessary.
  • check pull cord for fraying
  • check anti corrosion anodes
My last service cost  around £70 plus labour of £50 - which felt rather expensive to me. I wasn't convinced that everything I was told had been done, had in fact been done!

Anyway, if you take an outboard to sea I guess its good to at least know some of the basics in trying to maintain or trouble shoot any issues that might arise.

Below is the useful stuff I found:

Video wise - I looked at lots but these I particularly found helpful

I guess its time to pucker up courage and give it a go. The impeller change and carb clean are the two bits worrying me!


cayosmon said...

Oh, boy, changing the impeller....most difficult job I've ever done on my 5hp Mercury; maybe the hardest boat-related job I've ever done! It was getting things back together that was the problem. It's worth it to pay someone to do it, at least for me! Love the posts. Cheers!

Unknown said...

Try Douglas Hopwood in Links on the Drascombe site. Special section on outboard servicing. V useful I think.

steve said...

cayosmon - I am dreading that bit and I may well still chicken out of it. dreading it - but then nothing ventured nothing gained is there?

Unknown - found that link - was useful - I had most of the stuff already in my various posts but thanks for the tip off - will go back and look at it again.

Take care folks - stay safe and well now and thanks for getting in touch