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Hi everyone and welcome to my dinghy cruising blog about my John Welsford designed 'navigator' named Arwen. Built over three years, Arwen was launched in August 2007. She is a standing lug yawl 14' 6" in length. This blog records our dinghy cruising voyages together around the coastal waters of SW England.
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On this blog you will find posts about dinghy cruising locations, accounts of our voyages, maintenance tips and 'How to's' ranging from rigging standing lug sails and building galley boxes to using 'anchor buddies' and creating 'pilotage notes'. I hope you find something that inspires you to get out on the water in your boat. Drop us a comment and happy sailing.
Steve and Arwen

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Bits and pieces

I haven't forgotten the blog or my YouTube channel. Family matters have taken priority for a bit and it has been fairly blustery or very wet over the last few weeks. I'm looking for a break in the weather when its cold, crisp, dry and winds are below 20kts!!

I have a few winter projects on the list.
I thought I would try and make some nice wooden blocks for Arwen, so I'm researching that at the moment.

I'm also about to construct a cordura travel roll for my GoPro cameras. 

Lower rub rails on Arwen need a good sand and re-treatment with Burgess wood sealer. 

On the last trip out, it became clear that the new oars are now in the wrong position and/or I need to alter my seated rowing position. So I am researching the construction of a removable rowing seat, extending the rowlocks height wise so I could row standing up. I might even bite the bullet and try to put a sculling rowlock on the transom deck so I can learn to use one of the oars over the transom as a yuloh - if that is at all possible. 

Finally, with an elbow which is prone to hair line fracturing on its own accord, I wonder whether I have reached the time to try and install some two part tackle purchase on the mainsail halyard. I have no idea how to do this so any suggestions would be most welcome.

Meanwhile I'm delaying emptying Arwen completely for winter as I'm hoping to sneak a trip in the next few weeks.

Roger Barnes has posted another 'Masterclass' video - masterclass on how to create an engaging film as well as everything to do with small boats and sailing.  Such a creative guy. Amazing stuff. Enjoy.

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