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Hi everyone and welcome to my dinghy cruising blog about my John Welsford designed 'navigator' named Arwen. Built over three years, Arwen was launched in August 2007. She is a standing lug yawl 14' 6" in length. This blog records our dinghy cruising voyages together around the coastal waters of SW England.
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On this blog you will find posts about dinghy cruising locations, accounts of our voyages, maintenance tips and 'How to's' ranging from rigging standing lug sails and building galley boxes to using 'anchor buddies' and creating 'pilotage notes'. I hope you find something that inspires you to get out on the water in your boat. Drop us a comment and happy sailing.
Steve and Arwen

Tuesday 19 February 2019

Dinghy cruising Food store galley box for dinghy cruising - part 2

The box is almost complete. I was using spare or scrap wood from my garage and ran out of some of the corner trim which was annoying. And yes,  the one handle is slightly angled! Nough said really. I am not a craftsman.

alt="dinghy cruising galley box"
Dimensions wise it is 380 mm long, 330 mm wide and 300 mm high and
 that gives a surprising amount of internal space. 

There is some final sanding to do and some interior decorators caulking to put in - a trick I learned from a buddy who is a decorator by profession. It helps seal all joins and can be painted over. Marvellous stuff!

alt="dinghy cruising galley box 2"
On the bench ready for final sanding and then painting

Then undercoat and top coat and the box will be finished. I'm hoping to do some Kingsbridge estuary cruising in early march when tides will be early morning and evening springs and there will just about be sufficient daylight to set up and pack away. At least that is the theory.

alt="boat building clamps"
One can NEVER have enough clamps
Now just got to return them to the wall mounted boards in the correct order because I'm OCD about things like that........
"Every tool should have its proper place allocated". 
How many times have I had that ringing in my ears? The curse of having a father and a father in law who were both engineers!

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