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Hi everyone and welcome to my new blog. My name is Steve and i am the lucky owner of a John Welsford designed 'navigator' named Arwen. I built her over three years with the help of my father, father-in-law and two children. She was launched in August 2007 at Queen Anne's battery marina in the barbican area of Plymouth. This blog is a record of our voyages together around SW England.
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Tuesday, 8 April 2014


We have walked and walked and walked......around seven or eight miles I think. Through side streets, along wide palm tree lined walkways, under arches, past exquisite hidden courtyards. We've stopped at street corner cafes for coffee, sampled ice creams to die for and soaked up the sun. Barcelona is remarkably empty of tourists. We sauntered around the stunning Casa Batllo where Gaudi designed a building with the sea in mind. The oak wood carving and mouldings were simply sublime carpentry. The missus and I have become overnight Goudi fans......big time. Mosaic dragons, swirly blue glassworks to represent the sea. Amazing. Insufficient superlatives.

Parc Guell was another gem. Strolling with visiting spaniards through ornate gardens with viaducts, terraces and his trade mark mosaic benches , sugarloaf like houses and statues; with stunning views down over the city shimmering in its own heat haze and beyond,  the grey swirling fog banks across the Mediterranean Sea. All under deep blue skies with streaky white high clouds. Simply breathtaking. 


Paul Mullings said...

My wife and I spent 5 days there a couple of years ago...We will return :)

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Jealous?? Moi??? Yup.. :o)

steve said...

I tell you what's sunshine......what a huge difference it makes. No wonder everyone in the med is remarkably cheerful.........fresh breezes, blue skies and sunshine.........wonderful