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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Self steering using jib sheet, mizzen and tiller

Quite simply, the best explanation I've seen. Joel has this real talent of making what might seem complex, quite simple. Instruction and supporting video.....what more can you ask for?

If Joel isn't a teacher already, then he should really consider a career change!


Ps Richard also posted this useful piece on the subject as well....thanks Richard.


Joel Bergen said...

Hi Steve,
I'm afraid what's masquerading as talent is only my own need to simplify it to the point that I can finally understand it myself. Thank you for the compliments and I hope your Wife is feeling better and that you can get some sailing in soon. I enjoy the armchair vacations to the UK that you have been treating us to very much.

steve said...

Ah now you have caught me out. I am an advanced skills teacher here in the UK. And the only reason I managed to get that status is because I have to simplify things so I understand them!!!

It was a brilliant post Joel
Thank you!

Joel Bergen said...

Just curious, Steve, and I hope you don't mind my asking, but what sort of advanced skills do you teach? As for me, I design fuel lines for Boeing 747's - a skill of no use whatsoever outside the gate.

steve said...

Um. I always think that everyone who has a job does something of great use and contribution to the whole. I suspect your fuel lines help with safety, fuel almost immediately impact on all of us who fly or rely on air transport for our products. As a teacher of thirty years service I've had so many students go into so many different careers and every single one is vital in someway to society

An AST is a teacher who has met excellence in around 80 standards and who demonstrates teaching which is insistently of an outstanding standard against a set of external measurements . We demonstrate advanced teaching techniques or worth with difficult classes. We may run training for col leagues to help them enhance their teaching. We are often at the forefront of new developments. We help schools raise their standards. Well that is he theory... The reality is often different ....most of us are just about functioning, overwhelmed

I am to teach our good lessons a day and strive for one to be outstanding and if achieve's been a successful day


Venetta said...

This is cool!