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Hi everyone and welcome to my new blog. My name is Steve and I am the lucky owner of a John Welsford designed 'navigator' named Arwen. I built her over three years with the help of my father, father-in-law and two children. She was launched in August 2007 at Queen Anne's Battery marina in the Barbican area of Plymouth. This blog is a record of our voyages together around SW England.
Arwen has an associated YouTube channel so visit to find our most recent cruises together.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Dinghy cruising a Welsford 'navigator': The Penlee picnic part 2


Bursledon Blogger said...

Lovely, one of my favourite anchorages, you've very lucky to have that on your doorstep.

steve said...

Hyia Max - yeah I know, lucky indeed. I've got a wee lassie canoe i built which I intend towing behind Arwen this season so that I can paddle that stretch and stop off on the beach