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Steve and Arwen

Sunday, 7 October 2012

a john welsford navigator called

crappy?  I'm still traumatised by Arwen being referred to as 'crappy' on a vespa forum in America.
Scraped, bruised, bashed, dented, somewhat unkempt and forlorn looking; well yes maybe; built by a man with limited wood working skills or intellect; well yes maybe........................... but CRAPPY?
How can you call a welsford designed boat crappy? To coin a phrase from an unfortunately well known politician here in the UK....who are these plebs?

How can such an elegantly designed craft be called crappy?


Bursledon Blogger said...

Thoroughly unpleasant bunch - the dimwit in Saigon doesn't even seem to realise that the sticky up
poles are masts not oars.

Rowing boat indeed - bunch of "jam rolls"

Osbert said...

Hi Steve

Thank god for the great forums, where people are helpful and encouraging!

Anyone who calls Arwen a 'rowboat' don't know nuthin.



steve said...

You do have to laugh. I'm just not used to seeing people 'slag off' for want of a better phrase other peoples work. Arwen will not win any beauty awards, that I definitely know. My carpentry skills border on apalling....but as Joel and Rob said, these people miss the point about what it is people like us do. We appreciate the effort and learning someone goes through; the journey they have taken; the hurdles they have overcome; the time invested; the trials and tribulations and elation on the way.
You'd have thought that people who restore scooters for a hobby would have known that.....................................dimwits......................a nice phrase...............can't wait to hear your definition of 'jam rolls' though BB!

Cheers guys - thanks for 'lifting me up again


Joel Bergen said...

I'd rather sail my "crappy" Navigator than ride a Saigon scooter any day.

steve said...

yep! With you on that one Joel


Bursledon Blogger said...

"Jam rolls" is bursledon rhyming slag - short for Robert Soles :O)

steve said...