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Saturday, 25 September 2010

boat jumbles and painting decks

A friend found this on the internet somewhere and sent it to me - I like it - I always was a big 'Peanuts' Fan!

Spent this morning at the Newton Abbot Boat Jumble in South Devon this morning. There are always two held at the famous race around May and the other in September. I go to one of them every year, not so much to buy anything (although today I did buy bits and pieces for fitting out Angharad), but because I'm curious and like to nose about brick a brac.

Its mainly local people selling things from the back of cars!

Anyway, having armed myself with some 5mm navy blue rope for decklines; two brass cleats for for'ard deck and a seat cushion, I decided to take some or two sellers don't like being photographed....for we say one or two dodgy stall items perhaps?

Its amazing what you can find on sail.....I wonder what vessel this lot came off?

The vast majority of stall sellers and car booters are wonderful sea faring folk with a ready smile and story to tell. I like Newton Abbot boat jumble...and today I liked it even more.....the sun shone and it didn't rain like last year!

Stallholders arrive around 6am - so its an early moring start

Alway plenty of old carpentry tools knocking about.....but look carefully and choose wisely....

...stalls with nautical bric a brac - all collectables!

.........more of these wonderful big ship blocks........

.....anyone need a fender........

......or a rowlock or two...........

I bet this lot is a pretty penny or two......

....who has time to collect these things.......

I quite liked these hand carved, hand painted lighthouses and Capt'n Birdseye figures - cute old willow cane lobster creel....nice worksmanship....

The bonus today? I managed to get two coats of undercoat onto the top decks of Angharad without dribbling it over the varnished areas.....and I managed to see a double header steam engine on the main line beside the race course - a Castle (GWR) and I'm not sure, but I think it looked like the Flying Scotsman behind it.....anyway all that steam and 12 original BR and GWR livery coaches...a wonderful sight........all in all....a nice pottering day!


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